Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Cheerful Breakfast

Three of my five children are sick with fevers today. I decided to serve them breakfast with a smile!

Gingerbread Men Eggs

You need:
  • bread slices
  • eggs
  • cute cutters (smaller than the bread slices)
  • butter

      Why gingerbread men? 

Because I couldn't resist the fevery child's request! I usually use the rim  of a glass to cut circles into the bread.

Directions: How to get your kids to smile.

Use the cutters to cut shapes into the bread.


Paint all the bread pieces with butter.

Fry the eggs right in the middle of the bread cut-outs. Keep your heat low. Today, my griddle was too hot so the eggs did not turn out "pretty". They were tasty, though!

Fry up the little men, (or whatever shape you used: circles, hearts, stars) until the toast is the desired color.

Plate and serve! There is something magical about eating fun food. It's worth the extra effort to put a smile on someone's face.

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