Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Family of Guinea Pigs

Its nearly time for me to go grocery shopping again, and you know what that means? I am running low on food. Honestly, this is not the case, but I am low on variety and I even ran out of a few staples this time.

I am a stickler for staying within our food budget, so in my house if we run out we simply wait until I go shopping again. Since I do not have my menu and list ready, I wouldn't even think of stepping in a store. I do not shop well with out a plan.

So what will I do? Today I will slip into my lab coat and "experiment" on my family.

I just visited  Taste of Home and entered in a few ingredients that I know I have on hand into their search box. Today I have 2 sick kids, a Lego Robotics meeting from 6-8pm, and some rice and pork chops to work with.  While the website was not any help with my schedule, I stumbled upon an easy looking recipe that shows promise.

Italian Pork and Rice. It looks good to me and a quick pantry check reveals it is a do able recipe. If my family likes it, I will add it to my growing collection of tested recipes.

What is your day and dinner plan?


  1. I will have to try the recipe search in Taste of Home. I didn't even know it existed!

    I'm the same way about grocery shopping. I will not enter the store these days without my full menu and grocery list in-hand. If I go without a plan of attack, I end up buying things I didn't need (you don't want to know how many cans of black beans I have in my pantry!), forgetting key ingredients, and going back and forth from one side of the store to the other because I suddenly remembered I needed something else. Frustrating and expensive!

  2. I love Taste of Home recipes anyway, but the fact I could add what I had in my pantry is amazing to me.

    I can never shop with out a list. I even try to organize it by aisle, to eliminate the back and forth, but so far I have not succeeded. Because I have 5 boys, hungry boys, I cannot afford to shop on a whim. I have to plan and stick to it.
    Thanks for stopping by! If we lived next door to one another I'd be knocking on your door to trade extra broth and tomatoes for some beans:).