Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Homemade Tortillas

Well, I do not always make quick and easy meals. I also do not always double every single recipe. Some things I make are for the shear joy of watching my boys try to contain themselves. Homemade tortillas fit the bill when I want to bless and torture my boys, especially my wonderful husband. He has many memories of stealing fresh tortillas form his mom's kitchen. I usually can only get about 6 tortillas made before they begin to disappear.
This recipe goes wonderfully with one of the bags of beans I have in my freezer.

Recipe for success:

Add frozen beans to crock-pot. Add a cup of chicken broth, some more garlic, and salt and pepper. Cook on low all day.

About an hour before dinner, begin Tortillas.
Serve beans with shredded cheese and tortillas for a very warm and wonderful meal!

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