Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Are You Ready for Anything?

So your plans were all set, you woke up full of expectations for all that you and your children would accomplish today.
What a great productive day you are going to have!

(pitter patter, pitter patter) "Mommy, My throat hurts." (Zip; all you plans fly out the window while you tend to a feverish little one)

It happens to all of us. Me more than others. Well, it feels that way to me.

I have learned to prepare for these "Monkey Wrench" days. The first tip I will share with you is advanced meal preparation. Sounds a bit crazy, especially if you are not a female. Trust me. When your day goes terribly wrong, or one or more of your little darlings comes down with a nasty bug, you will thank me.

Think about the dinners you will make this week. Which ones can be easily doubled and frozen? Got it?

Do not argue with me or yourself. Your homework for this week:

  • Plan ahead and make a double batch of 2 meals and freeze them into zip-lock bags. 
  • Label the bag with a sharpie and place the meal into your freezer.

If you have no idea where to start, here are two of my staple freezer meals. I always double these and freeze a batch for later. These recipes are easy and delicious: Sayler Soup and White Bean Chili. (click here)

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